The Keep Calm and take Me out necklace

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Brand My Family
SKU: 8055960259519

The Keep Calm and take Me out necklace is designed in a wonderful and distinctive round shape suitable for your distinguished pet to be shining at all times, giving you an unparalleled aesthetic appearance that attracts everyone's admiration

Product features

  • Made of durable and high quality materials, it is not affected by water and does not rust

  • This adorable necklace brings out unparalleled beauty and elegance on the neck of your pet cat

  • You can put it in a metal chain or put it in a fabric or leather hoop to make it look more beautiful

  • Make your pet cat's outing special with this adorable pendant

  • The metal made from the necklace will not cause any allergic reactions or harm to the pet cat

  • The Keep Calm and take Me out necklace is lightweight and compact so your cat will not feel uncomfortable or uncomfortable wearing it

  • Pamper your cat and make her special with this cute necklace

  • You can buy it as a special gift for your pet cat or give it to your friends who have pet cats at home


  • My Family


  • red

The drawing

  • The phrase "Keep Calm and take Me out"


  • circular

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