An anthropomorphic lioness necklace

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Brand My Family
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An anthropomorphic lioness necklace in shiny golden color takes the shape of the head of a lioness in a distinctive and unique design that makes your pet elegant and wonderful, especially when you are outside the house

Product features

  • Unique and adorable lioness head pendant design

  • Made of high-quality materials, treated against rust, so that if water gets into it, it retains its shine and luster

  • Beautiful necklace symbolizing the strength and audacity of a powerful animal like a lioness, which makes your pet very special

  • Give your pets different aesthetic looks and elegant shapes with this lioness pendant

  • It does not cause allergic reactions to the skin because it is very safe for the fur of cats and dogs

  • They are small in size and very suitable as a knot around your pet's neck

  • Lightweight, do not disturb animals due to size

  • Its color is very unique and exquisite, and it has an eye-catching and amazing design, which will impress everyone who sees it

  • Lioness Pendant is a perfect and unique gift that you can give to friends who are interested in raising pets

  • Spoil your pet to make it different from other animals when you buy this special necklace


  • My Family


  • golden

The drawing

  • Lioness head

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