Butchers Natural Nutrition is a nutrient for dog

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Butchers Natural Nutrition:-

Butchers Natural Nutrition is a nutrient for dog meals, a delicious mutton puree with nutritious rice, a wonderful and very nutritious mixture with a high proportion of proteins and vitamins to make the muscles stronger and your pet dog enjoys health, well-being and playing everywhere.


Butchers Natural Nutrition has many advantages such as,

  • A complete meal for dogs, for the daily food for adult dogs of all sizes.

  • At this meal your pet dog will get a high percentage of the proteins available in nutritious meats.

  • Butcher Life does not contain wheat gluten or any allergens that may cause allergic reactions or harm.

  • 50% meat and animal products (lamb 9%, fresh 34%), grains (cooked rice 4%), minerals

  • A delicious meal that your pet dog will love very much, and with it he will feel fun and luxury.

  • A natural product free of any harmful chemicals, antibiotics or herbicides, ensuring a healthy and natural diet for your dog.

  • A healthy meal carefully selected from the finest quality meats and vegetables.

  • Formulas rich in meat and fresh ingredients provide your pet with the right amount of vitamins and minerals daily.

  • It makes your dog healthier and more energetic and provides your body with vitamins and minerals necessary for its health.

  • A complete pet dog food that has all the ingredients it needs.

  • With Vitamin A, it is essential for the proper functioning of the digestive system and the eyesight system

  • A rich and filling meal, but the amount served can be determined by the size and weight of the dog.

  • Meal is served at room temperature with fresh water.

  • With Butcher Life, you will ensure that your dog receives healthy food that is integrated into the body and muscles in a healthy and healthy way


Package weight is 390 g




Wet food for dogs

Packaging Type:-

Packaged in an airtight bag and easy to open and close several times.


Butchers Natural Nutrition

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