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CARNILOVE Duck Pheasant

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CARNILOVE Duck Pheasant:-
CARNILOVE Duck Pheasant is a meal of dry food, a rich and unique formula that cats love very much, free from grains and containing a combination of fish meat, seafood carp, salmon and marinated give this wonderful mixture a delicious and delicious flavor full of nutritious vitamins, elements necessary for the physical health of your pet cat, in addition to strengthening and supporting the immune system significantly To protect her from various diseases.


CARNILOVE Duck Pheasant has many advantages such as,

  • CARNILOVE Duck Pheasant is a wonderful and delicious meal that no cat can resist at all, as it is very nutritious and delicious with a wonderful taste.

  • You can use a carp on a daily basis for your pet cat to enjoy well-being and happiness in an atmosphere full of fun and activity.

  • Wild meat accounts for 80% of the meal, plus fruits, vegetables and herbs 20%.

  • Grain-free, potato-free with fresh meat for sterilized cats.

  • A very balanced and healthy holistic formula to satisfy cats' innate love for meat.

  • The meal does not contain a high percentage of fat, so it does not cause the cat to gain weight or serious diseases.

  • This product is free from wheat, corn, rice or soy

  • Contains no harmful chemicals, disease-causing preservatives, or unauthorized artificial colorants.

  • It provides cats with balanced and rich nutrition.

  • The meal represents a natural diet that keeps sterilized cats in their best physical condition.

  • You can serve it dry or slightly wet with lukewarm water, or use the broth daily.

  • The portion mentioned in the feeding table below may vary depending on the size, weight and age of the cat.

  • When feeding your cat Carnilove for the first time, mix the meal with any food the cat prefers gradually and in a small proportion.

Feeding schedule for adult cats and the appropriate amount for each cat:-

Weight (kg) Quantity (g)

2-3 40 - 55

3-5 55 - 70

5-7 70-90

7 - 9 90 - 110


Package weight is 2 kg

Lifest age:-

Neutered neutered adult cats


Dry food for cats

Platoon size:-


Packaging Type:-

Packaged in an airtight bag and easy to open and close several times.


CARNILOVE Duck Pheasant

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متى يتوفر قطتي معقمه وهذا افضل اكل ناسبها

هذا والدججاج

استخدمهم من ٦ شهور روووووعه فرررق كبيرر لاحظت 👍🏻


حبببيتتتته ولا غلطه😴


اخلط لهم الشبوط هذا مع الدجاج بالبدايه مو متعودين عليه الحين ادمااااان 😴

ام راما
الكرنالوف بالسلمًون

نحن نحب هذه وهم رائعون في بطوننا الحساسة🐱🐱🐱

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