Schesir canned chicken with papaya for adult dogs 150 g

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Brand Schesir
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Adult dogs canned cheese with papaya 150 grams

Adult Dogs Shears is a moist food product for adult dogs, with its formula rich in chicken and very nutritious pieces of papaya, it enhances the immunity of your pet dog and gives it the benefits of antioxidants in addition to its containment of fibers that help digestion properly and comfortably, you can use it for your favorite dog now and you are assured of having a meal Integrated.

Features of Cheeser wet food for adult dogs, chicken and papaya 150 grams

  • Adult dog shears are a complete diet rich in nutrients, fiber and nutritious vitamins that give your dog the strength and health he needs at this age.

  • Completely safe for the health of your pet dog as it is made from 100% natural ingredients.

  • Free from harmful chemicals, preservatives or any artificial colors.

  • A high quality product the finest ingredients are used to make with light jelly, chicken parts and nutritious papaya pieces.

  • Adult dog shears are steamed to ensure quality, maintain freshness and retain important nutrients and vitamins.

  • Carefully selected ingredients for a healthy balanced diet and support for healthy skin and fur.

  • Ingredients: chicken strips 62.2%, papaya 4%, rice 2%

  • Combine this meal with nutrient-rich papaya to boost a healthy dog's immune system.

  • Papaya contains soft, easy-to-digest flesh with a good amount of soluble dietary fiber which facilitates smooth digestion and better protein absorption.

  • Papaya fruit is also rich in several essential B-complex vitamins such as folate, pyridoxine (vitamin B6), riboflavin and thiamine (vitamin B1) which play a vital role in the metabolism process.

  • The meal also contains essential vitamins and nutrients to help stimulate the immune system, slow aging and support healthy digestion.

  • This chicken and papaya meal is delicious and has a unique flavor and aroma that dogs love and love.

Product size

150 grams

Age stage

Food intended for adult dogs

Product Type

A wet meal

Platoon size

All kinds of adult breeds

Type of packaging

Packaged in a metal box, sealed, round.

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