Cutey Cat Food Beef and Turkey Cans 100g

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Brand Cutey
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Cutey pate with Turkey:-

Cutey Cat with turkey It is an integrated canned food of the wet food that your pet needs every day, as it is a meal rich in elements and full of animal proteins such as beef and turkey, with a little delicious broth added to it, to complete the happiness of your cat when eating this delicious meal


Cutey Cat with turkey has many advantages such as,

  • Complete, beneficial and balanced nutrition with 100% natural ingredients suitable for adult cats.

  • It includes a wide range of essential nutrients that support the maintenance of the health of an adult cat.

  • Helps cats gain strong, lean muscle that is fortified with nutritious, high-quality protein from the best quality animal protein.

  • Face Taurine helps support healthy eyes and vision in cats.

  • Added to this is some delicious broth that your cat will love very much.

  • A cat diet is ideal for severe food allergies, does not cause allergies, is also suitable for sensitive stomachs and does not cause gastrointestinal problems for cats.

  • Cute Cat canned foods contain a group of vitamins that increase the activity and vitality of your pet cat.

  • It also contains omega-3, which enhances the beauty and shine of the fur, so that your cat always looks healthy.

  • It does not contain unnecessary food items that may cause digestive problems and constipation.

  • Free of gluten and sugar so that your cat does not cause weight gain as it keeps her agile and fit to run, play and jump with fun.

  • The package size is small, you can carry it in your bag when taking the cat to a place or when traveling and trips, so it does not take up much space.

  • Make your cat live in a healthy environment and a fun-filled atmosphere by offering canned Cut Cat meals to grow healthy and healthy.

  • Free of preservatives that harm your cat's health and cause kidney and digestive problems.


100 g


Adult Cat

Product Type:-

Wet food

Packaging Type:-

Packaged in an airtight bag and easy to open and close several times.


Cutey Cat with turkey

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