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Cutey Cat:-

Cutey Cat is a wonderful dry food of high quality and delicious delicious flavor that is accepted and loved by all cats, with the flavor of ocean fish that cats cannot resist, helps to grow well and healthy and works to strengthen bones and teeth, it is a nutritious and balanced diet for all cat breeds of all sizes.


Cutey Cat has many advantages such as,

  • Cutey Cat, a meal rich in Omega 3.6, helps prevent hair loss, shine, and healthy skin.

  • In addition, it contains important proteins for strengthening and building muscles, by 30 percent.

  • A low fat percentage of up to 9% provides the body with the necessary energy and activity.

  • It also contains natural fibers that make digestion easier by 3 percent.

  • Cute Cat is an ideal and nutritious meal to improve the health of your pet cat and nourish it with the nutrients and vitamins it needs.

  • It enhances readers' shine, healthy hair, and strengthens teeth and bones.

  • It increases the activity and vitality of your fluffy cat, and makes it fun and play with happiness.

  • Derived from the natural flavors of fresh ocean fish to provide a balanced, complete diet for cats of all breeds and sizes.

  • It helps increase muscle tone so that your cat is faster on its feet and more fun than ever before.

  • We choose the best types of ocean fish that are tender and easy to digest.

  • A delicious meal with the texture of atomic particles that is easy to chew and digest.

  • It does not cause any weight gain, as it keeps your cat always fit and energetic.

  • Cutie Cat guarantees you a delicious meal with the highest quality ingredients carefully selected matching health and safety standards.

  • Easy to prepare at home with the addition of a little lukewarm water.

  • The meal contains taurine, an essential amino acid that helps maintain a healthy heart.

  • The combination of organic minerals and essential ingredients helps control urine pH and ease digestion.

  • Quality ingredients meet your cat's nutritional requirements, and each ingredient goes through a rigorous selection process to maintain food safety and quality standards.

  • Formulated for all breeds and needs, and a complete, balanced diet that ensures all the health benefits of cats.

  • It is specially formulated for all breeds.


Package weight is 1.5 kg


From the age of one year or more


Dry food for cats

Platoon size:-

All types and sizes.

Packaging Type:-

Packaged in an airtight bag and easy to open and close several times.


Cutey Cat

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