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Cutey Cat Dry For Kittens Salmon and Mackerel 750g

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Brand Cutey
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Cutey Cat Salmon and Mackerel:-
Cutey Cat Salmon and Mackerel is food for the necessary care that is needed by young kittens separated from their mother, as it provides them with the appropriate nutrition that they need at this age, with salmon and mackerel flavor rich in omega 3,6 to promote proper brain development, bodybuilding and muscle strengthening


Cutey Cat Salmon and Mackerel has many advantages such as,

  • Cute Cat Care for Kittens is the best vitamin-rich meal that you can offer them from the age of 45 days to a year.

  • Rich in essential components that participate in the growth process such as omega-6, omega-3 that help the development and growth of better brain cells.

  • Manufactured with high quality ingredients with the latest methods, as they are steam-cooked to preserve their nutritional value.

  • It is known that cats love to eat fish a lot, so we offer you Cute Cat to take care of the flavor of salmon and mackerel that kittens will love very much.

  • Cutie Cat care packaging comes in a sealed package, to ensure that the delicious taste, freshness and an attractive aroma is irresistible.

  • This cutie cat food is the result of the combination of high quality ingredients, which helps to provide an excellent diet for your domestic cat as it combines delicious taste with healthy food.

  • A product that is easy to prepare at any time and any place and does not cost you any effort or effort.

  • Also, it's delicious and delicious taste attracts your cat so that you can feed it easily.

  • Thanks to the wonderful smell, your cat is sure to love this food very much.

  • This high-quality product with food helps your cat have an ideal meal rich in vitamins and other elements that work to strengthen muscles and proper organ growth.

  • It helps the growth and strengthening of the teeth, as well as the bones, so that your kitten's body can grow better.


Package weight is 750 g


For Cats from 45 days to 12 month.


Dry food for cats

Platoon size:-

All types and sizes.

Packaging Type:-

Packaged in an airtight bag and easy to open and close several times.


Cutey Cat

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