Fabric Collar with different colors

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Brand Panda
SKU: 6050915PN

Fabric neck collar in different colors, a stylish and elegant fabric neck collar made of high-quality durable materials, adjustable around the neck according to size, available in several colors for you to choose from what suits your pet cat.

Product features

  • High quality durable fabric collar.

  • It is thicker enough to not damage easily.

  • Pet fabric neck collar adjustable to animal size to suit him.

  • Very comfortable and does not cause discomfort or distress to the animal when wearing it.

  • It contains a connection through which you cannot attach the collar to the rope so that your cat will stay with you when you go outside for a walk or other reasons.

  • Available in many different colors, choose your favorite and your pet.

  • Nice fabric neck collar you can add a little bell to the collar if you like.

  • Sealed collar that you can control with ease.

  • You can easily clean and wash it effortlessly.

  • It gives your cat a beautiful and adorable appearance.

  • You can write your cat's name and address on it to keep it from getting lost


  • Red, blue, purple, phosphorescent, black, orange

Product material

  • Cloth

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