Gimbi Sticks Snacks for Rodents With Peanut and Honey 110 g

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Brand Panda
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Gimpy bonuses for rabbits with swan beans and apples are very wonderful and nutritious, rich in fiber and vitamins, meet the requirements and needs of rabbits, give them a time of fun and happiness and increase their love for you

Product features

  • Tasty bunny rewards full of delicious flavors of peanuts and apples

  • They are high in fiber to facilitate digestion

  • Helps maintain the health of your kidneys by flushing them out of toxins

  • It works to reduce blood pressure and keep rabbits healthy

  • You can serve it singly between the main meals or serve it by mixing it with the main food

  • The presence of water next to the food is important and necessary to facilitate the digestive process

  • The group of vitamins and minerals present in peanuts and apples provides the body with energy and vitality and helps rabbits build their bodies in a healthy way.

  • Free of sugars or fats that make rabbits more bulky

  • Free from allergens, it is completely safe for the health of rabbits

Product size

  • 110 grams

Product Type

  • Dry bonuses

Platoon type

  • Rabbits

Type of packaging

  • Bag


  • Gimbi

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