Black Round Necklace With"I'm the King" writing On It

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Brand My Family
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I'm the King necklace is a distinctive circular necklace with a wonderful and attractive design with a black successor inscribed with the words I'm the King in white, a durable necklace that will be the most wonderful on the neck of your pet cat

Product features

  • Made of durable, high-quality materials that are not affected by water and resist rust

  • A distinctive black metal necklace that highlights its beauty and elegance and makes it prominent on the neck of your pet cat

  • You can add a metal chain to the necklace or put it in a fabric hoop to look more beautiful

  • Make your outings with your pet cat special with these adorable leaders

  • The phrase I'm the King connotes strength, courage and exclusivity as well

  • The metal the necklace is made of does not cause any allergic reactions or harm to the health of your pet cat

  • The I'm the King necklace is light in weight so that it won't be uncomfortable or uncomfortable for your cat when wearing it

  • Pamper your cat and make her unique with this adorable necklace

  • A special gift that you can buy for your pet cat or gift to your friends who own pet cats


  • My Family


  • black

The drawing

  • The phrase "I'm the King"

The shape

  • circular

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