Mio Creamy Cat Reward Bonito 4 x 15g

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Brand Meo
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Mio Creamy Cat Reward Bonito 4 x 15g

Mio reward with bonito flavor for cats This wonderful food product is one of the best ways in which you can reward your pet cat to encourage it to behave well, or you can even reconcile with it if a severe quarrel occurs between you, this type is not considered a basic meal that can be offered to your cat, but it is as a way of caressing And encouragement.

Mio bonus features

  • Myo cat bonito 15 * 4g contains omega-3 and zinc methionine, all of these elements are very important for your cat's health, eyesight safety, and the strengthening of the immune system to protect it from diseases.

  • Methionine helps the health of your cat's skin and fur, so that it enjoys thick, smooth and healthy fur.

  • It contains a group of fibers that are important for the digestive system, which helps the digestive process well.

  • You can use this snack as a way of caress, encouragement, and reward, but you cannot rely on it as a main meal to feed your cat.

  • The package contains 4 pieces. You can use the piece more than once while keeping the bag closed well.

  • Mio Cat's Bonito Rewards 15 * 4g contains the distinctive bonito flavor that cats love.

  • Mew Bonus contains 5% crude protein.

  • It also contains raw fat in a small proportion of only 2% to maintain the health of your kitten and avoid obesity.

  • The proportion of crude fiber is up to 2.5%.

  • This product falls under the list of wet food, with a moisture content of -85%.

  • Ingredients: Mew bonus consists of chicken meat, chicken liver, chicken carcass, bonito powder.

  • It helps you teach your cat to acquire some skills by encouraging and motivating her by obtaining these wonderful rewards.

  • The product does not contain any harmful ingredients or allergens

Product size

15 grams

Product Type

Wet food bonus

Platoon size


Type of packaging

Enveloped in an airtight bag, you can open it with ease

trade mark

Me O

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اماني الزهراني

ممتاز مره عجب قطوتي

Lhynne me
Loving it

My cats favorite snacks i once bought from the pets hop then they didn't have stock and I had hard time looking for this,thank you so much.

لمى البدر

حللو مره اعجب قطوتي ولازم كل طلبية اخذ منه

رغد محمد

مراا قطوتي تحب ذا المنتج وخصوصا الدجاج و السلمون وبعد ذا حلو اشترو من كل واحد نوع وخلو قطوتكم تجرب وشوفو وش يعجبها اكثر قطوتي عمرها سنه ونص 👍🏻👍🏻


كم فيه الكيس4ولا 15؟؟؟؟؟

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