Me-O Creamy Cat Treats With Salmon Flavor 4x15 g

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Brand Meo
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Meo cream treats:-

Meo cream treats is a creamy cat reward with salmon taste and rich flavor that your cat cannot resist at all, it is a snack that you can give to your cat to train and play with her to spend the most wonderful times with joy and happiness, in addition to obtaining a high nutritional value of omega-3 and vitamins


Meo cream treats has many advantages such as,

  • Mew is considered a creamy cat reward with salmon flavor. It is a delicious and delicious snack for cats. They cannot resist their strong smell and flavor.

  • If you need to train your pet cat to do a specific behavior, Mio reward cats with creamy salmon flavor will help you a lot to train them easily.

  • It contains a high percentage of fibers that ensure a healthy and healthy digestive system and aid in the completion of the digestive process comfortably and easily

  • Zinc and Omega 3,6 help provide proper nutrition that strengthens hair glue and increases its shine.

  • Myo meal is a creamy salmon treat for cats, one of the snacks that you cannot rely on as a basic filling meal

  • Taurine maintains and strengthens eyesight, and helps your cat see clearly and properly.

  • These snacks are the perfect way to reward your cat to feel happy and cared for, just open it and present it to your pet according to the feeding instructions.


Salmon, flavorings, chicken oil, prebiotics (FOS), modified starch, gelling agent, vitamins, minerals, DL-methionine, taurine

Guaranteed analysis:

  • Guaranteed analysis:

  • (Crude protein) (min) 5

  • (Crude Fat) (min) 2

  • (Crude Fiber) (Max) 1

  • (Humidity) (max) 85

Recommended Feeding Instructions:

Age: weaning up to one year, cat weight (kg): 1.0 - 2.0, feeding amount (g / day): 14-23, daily meal (sachet / day): 1-2

Age: adults> 1 year, cat weight (kg): 2.1 - 4.0, feeding amount (g / day): 24-39, daily meal (sachets / day): 2-3

Age: adults> 1 year, cat weight (kg): 4.1 - 6.0, feeding amount (g / day): 39 - 52, daily meal (sachet / day): 3-4


Package weight is 4 x 15 g


Adult Cats


Dry food for cats

Platoon size:-

All types and sizes.

Packaging Type:-

Packaged in an airtight bag and easy to open and close several times.


Meo cream treats

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Dana Saud

قطوتي حبته لدرجه تبي اكثر من واحد

Mona .
جيد جدًا

تاكله قطتي ولكن مو كثير ماتوقع اعجبها السلمون بس حبت الدجاج اكثر مررره من نفس هالشركه👍🏼

Lama Lama
جيد جدا

انصحكم فيه بسسكم بتحبه

مره عجبتها قوتي

مره عجبتها قطوتي لدرجه تاكل القرطاس وبعد اذا رميته ازباله الله يكرمكم تطيحه ازباله وتاخذه

لمى البدر

يجنن مره و مفيد و قطوتي بس تسمع صوت الكيسة تجي ركض تموت عليه 🥺🥺😂

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