Nardin Sanitizer 500ml

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Brand Nardin
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Nardin is a hand sanitizer that keeps your hands clean at all times. Thanks to its effective formula, you can protect yourself from possible transmission of viruses from contaminated surfaces during your day.

Product features

  • Completely safe hand sanitizer gel free from toxins or skin irritants to be used after cleaning your pet.

  • Suitable for people with sensitive skin, as it does not cause any irritation or other symptoms of the skin.

  • Nardine hand sanitizer does not make you suffer from dry skin, itching and redness of the skin.

  • Contains a high percentage of ethyl alcohol as a disinfectant to ensure bacteria and viruses are killed.

  • It keeps your hands clean and gives you the perfect sterilization to keep you healthy after following your pet.

  • Our hand sanitizer gel is a great addition to your daily hygiene routine as you can disinfect your hands anywhere and anytime.

  • Maintaining cleanliness and freshness is essential for public transportation, gyms, public toilets, parks and just about anywhere.

  • In light of the current situation with the Corona pandemic, you need to use this sterile gel to protect yourself and those around you from the risk of infection.

Trade mark

  • Nardin

The weight

  • 500 ml

Customer Reviews

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معقم للمربي

المعقم للمربي وليس لحيوانك الاليف.. انا اشوف ان المعقم شي مهم وجوده بالنسبه للمربي لانه في اوقات يحتاج يعقم ايدينه بالذات اذا كان القط او اي حيوان تعبان ويتعالج


حرام تحطون معقم بقسم قطط كانه ما يضرهم!! الجاهل ما بيعرف بيثق فيكم

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