Ostech tuna and , katsuoboshi for cats 400g

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Brand Ostech
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Ostech cat food:-
Ostech tuna, katsuobushi and jelly cat food, delicious complete meal with nutrients suitable for all breeds and kittens from the age of 3 months and more, its delicious taste will make your cat feel fun, happy and interested in it.


Ostech cat food has many advantages such as,

Ostrich tuna, katsuobushi and jelly cat food is the best moist meal that contains jelly, you can use it for your pet cat in addition to containing important nutritional supplements.

Contains the highest quality ingredients carefully selected from the finest tuna and katsuobushi.

An easy-to-digest snack will not make your cat suffer from constipation or digestive problems, as it contains 1 ratio of fiber.

Rich in omega-3, it can give hair and fur strength and luster, making it healthier, especially for cats with fur problems.

Omega-3 also promotes normal brain and nerve development.

Ostech tuna, katsuobushi and jelly cat food help to better grow and strengthen bones and teeth.

You can use it as an aperitif, rich in Vitamin E and Vitamin.

To ensure cans remain good and usable, store them in a cool, dry place.

It is best to keep the canister after opening in the refrigerator for two days only in case there are leftovers from the meal.

Analytical ingredients:

Protein not less than 11%, fat not less than 0.5%, fiber not more than 1%, moisture no more than 87.


400 grams


Kittens from the age of 3 months and more



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