Ostech tuna and shrimps for cats 400 g

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Brand Ostech
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Ostish cat food:-
Ostish cat food, tuna, shrimp, and jelly from meals rich in vitamins and nutrients needed by cats from the age of 3 months and over, as they serve as an appetizer and suitable for cats of all breeds


Ostish cat food has many advantages such as,

Ostrich cat food tuna, shrimp and jelly The best moist meals contain jelly you can offer to your pet cat

It contains high quality ingredients carefully selected from the finest tuna and shrimp

An easily digestible meal that is light on the stomach does not make your cat suffer from constipation or digestive problems

Rich in omega-3 that gives hair and fur strength and shine and makes it healthier, especially cats who suffer from fur problems

Omega-3 also helps the brain grow normally

Ostish cat food tuna, shrimp and jelly helps the growth and strengthening of bones and teeth

You can consider it as an aperitif, rich in Vitamin E and Vitamin D.

Analytical ingredients:

Protein not less than 11%, fat not less than 0.5%, fiber not more than 1%, moisture no more than 87.


400 grams


Kittens from the age of 3 months and more



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