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Applaws Adult Cat Dry Food With Lamb meat

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Brand Applaws
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Applaws :-

Applaws is a dry and nutritious food for one year old adult cats with delicious chicken flavor with delicious lamb that no cat can resist that wonderful taste, while providing a diet rich in protein and nutrients.


Applaws has many advantages such as,

  • Applaws Dry Cat Meal A complete meal that contains all the benefits of a diet rich in animal protein essential for building muscle.

  • A high quality product with carefully selected ingredients and the highest quality tightly packed in one bag.

  • Applaws dry food is a great nutritional product that you can use to feed your pet cat.

  • Free of grains, so your cat can chew and digest it easily without straining the liver or kidneys.

  • Applaws consist of dry lamb (20%), dry chicken (48%), dry potatoes, minced chicken (12%), beet pulp, chicken broth, salmon oil, and dried eggs.

  • Applause is high in vitamins and minerals as well as plant cellulose fiber (0.03%), sodium chloride, calcium carbonate, seaweed / kelp, cranberry, DL-methionine, potassium chloride, yucca extract and rosemary.

  • Other food additives: Vitamins: Vitamin A 27,850 IU / kg, Vitamin D3 1,200 IU / kg, Vitamin E 615 IU / kg.

  • It also contains natural antioxidants, tocopherol extract and rosemary.

Analytical components:

  • Protein: 37%

  • Crude oils and fats: 17%

  • Crude fiber: 2.5%

  • Raw ash: 10.9%

  • Omega 3% 1.0

  • Omega-6 fatty acids 3.3

  • Calcium 2.7, phosphorus 1.6

  • DHA and EPA extracts from salmon oil help build the brain and improve intelligence in cats drastically

  • Cats weighing 1.25-3 kg need 20-40g of Applaws

  • As for those with a weight of 3-5 kg to 40-60 grams

  • Which weighs 5-8 kg to 60-100g.


2 kg


Adult Cat

Product Type:-

Wer food

Packaging Type:-

Packaged in an airtight bag and easy to open and close several times.



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اماني الزهراني

اخذت اقل كمية علشان اجرب ومره عجب قطوتي برجع اشري كمية كبيره ان شاء الله😍

Ohoud ..

عجب قططي

سعر حلو

ننتظر التجربه

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