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Profine original for adult cats with a flavor of chicken

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Brand Profine
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Profine Original Adult Chicken:-

Profine Original Adult Chicken is a high-quality dry food with a high protein content that provides many benefits including being fast absorbed, easy to digest and is specially designed for older and overweight cats.


Profine Original Adult Chicken has many advantages such as,

  • Since it can be digested quickly, it can ensure low fat content and weight loss.

  • Low fat milk formula protein has fast-absorbing and easy-to-digest properties, as cats lose extra weight in a healthy way.

  • Fibers are introduced into the cat's body to promote digestion and weight loss in a safe and healthy way, and the formula is rich in protein, which can promote healthy skin and fur.

  • This antioxidant-rich meal can boost the immunity of adult cats at this age.

  • This product from the original Provine for adult cats, chicken for your cat, can provide many healthy, nutritious, natural and delicious food items.

  • This product contains a blend of nutrients from easily digestible protein and other vitamins and minerals essential for growth.

  • It contains DHA, which is an important part that aids the normal development of a cat's brain.

Analytical ingredients:

  • Protein 12.5

  • Crude oils and fats 2

  • Crude fiber 0.1

  • Raw ash 1

  • Humidity 84

  • 85.2 kcal / 100g


10 kg


Adult cats



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