Vitakraft minerals for dogs 12 grams

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Vitakraft minerals for dogs 12 grams

Vitakraft is a wonderful food product that is completely safe and very healthy from chewing meat sticks, you can offer it to your pet dog to reward him for doing something special or behaving properly, or if you want to train him to do something specific, these sticks will help you a lot, as they contain 90% of nutritious meat A delicacy that all dogs love and love very much.

Vitakraft benefits for metal dogs meat 12 c

  • Vitacraft is high in minerals and vitamins important for the health of your pet dog, up to 90%.

  • Vitacraft Dog Meat Supplements for Mineral 12 c helps to strengthen teeth, as it contains a percentage of calcium that benefits the bones and helps them grow properly.

  • This type of bonus is suitable for all ages and different breeds.

  • Free from artificial colors or harmful dyes.

  • Made from the best pepperami meat, the meat content is approximately 85-90%.

  • It is a snack, but it is not a reliable staple.

  • The Vitakraft Chopsticks for Dogs Meat Metal Bounties 12C is divided into smaller portions, so they are ideal for use as training rewards, as well as for snacking between main meals.

  • A high-quality product that is free from artificial colorings, preservatives or flavor enhancers.

  • The sugar-free recipe also contains essential vitamins, providing your dog with a natural and appropriate snack.

  • Each stick in its sealed package to preserve its freshness, so your dog can look forward to a fresh and delicious snack every time.

  • These chopsticks will help you train your dog to behave well or to do something with ease.

  • This product is a healthy and nutritious product that is completely safe for the health of your pet dog and is free of allergens.

Product size

12 grams

Product Type

Wet food

Platoon size

Suitable for all breeds and sizes.

Type of packaging

Sealed in an airtight bag. Very easy to open and use.

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